Silver Linings

I had a good conversation a few days ago with Benny Mazzola, our sales representative from Patterson Dental Supply. I called him about getting more personal protective equipment for my office, and we began talking about the impact that the virus has had locally. Lives have been lost, and our heart hurts for those who have lost loved ones. It’s tragic for those families. Others have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own, and are feeling so much stress and anxiety. We went on to discuss the lifestyle changes that we are all experiencing. It seems everyone’s life has been disrupted to some extent, some certainly more than others.

On the other hand, with parents working from home and their school age children doing the same, the newfound togetherness has offered us an opportunity for our families to grow closer. It’s truly the silver lining to the dark viral cloud. I’ve had a chance to speak to many parents during this time and I’ve heard so much optimism and positivity. Instead of moms rushing around, shuttling kids between school, baseball practice, dance, cheer, etc, families are taking walks together, working on jigsaw puzzles, watching movies and listening to music. Parents and children playing tennis and golf, enjoying the springtime sunshine together. Together is the key word.

The downtime has allowed us an opportunity to reexamine our priorities and perhaps discover a healthier work/life balance. For many, working from home seems like a more realistic option than ever before. Ditto for homeschooling. Instead of having standardized testing consume so much of our energy, we find that we can still learn while strengthening our faith and family ties.

On a personal level, I’ve had a chance to spend a lot more time with my daughter Kelly and my beautiful granddaughter, Caroline. Our relationship is deeper and stronger than before because of the silver lining of togetherness. My oldest daughter Kate and her husband have been working in Norway for the past year. It’s a beautiful country but so far away! We just learned that they are being transferred back to Houston soon, because of the impact Covid19 has had on the oil economy. Another silver lining, so we are excited about that!

Southeast Texas has seen some awful natural disasters in our recent history. Hurricanes, floods, and now a pandemic. The thing I know about the people here is that we are strong. STRONG AND RESILIENT. I have no doubt that we’ll get through this soon and we’ll be better on the other side! Hope to see you soon!


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